DOTS Budapest – WTF edition

I don't think I'll be able to get you any meaningful posts this week, so I'm sorry, the Peugeot 405 MI 16 (or whatever else I think about until then) will have to wait till next time. However, I wanted to share these photos I took, ever since the car pictured ground me to a halt one morning, a couple of weeks back. Check out this sweet ride:

Umm, I'm pretty sure that ain't a Lambo, dude?

OK, while the proportions were eerie, but hard to nail down, the interior is a dead giveaway:

Now that we ascertained what this is, two things I noticed. Firstly, Fieros got so many body swaps because the panels aren't part of the chassis, they are just plastic cladding bolted on. This however is a classic steel chassis, not unlike a Corolla. How hard was it to build the new body?


Also, that gated shifter. If it works right, that just may be the sweetest upgrade ever to grace one of these. I want one, and badly...