A rare breed of Jaaaags

I don't know if you watch Harry's Garage - based on their viewership numbers on youtube, apparently not - but i just caught up with his Jaguar XJ-C episode. And it got me right in the feels.

I always wanted an XJ-C, ever since i first learned of its existence, and this example speaks to me on so many levels. I too am in the type of "driving experience first, looks second". Not that an XJ-C can look bad, but if you watch the video you'll know what I mean. I'm also completely in accordance with Mr. Metcalfe as to the plans he has for this particular car. It already has enough power, so let's have better brakes and a suspension tune-up, and maybe after that care about the looks.


I would probably go for the XK motor, but now that i know the 5.3 revs more freely i might reconsider.... and how about installing a modern programmable EFI & ignition system, to get a bit more mileage out of it? How hard can it be...?

Also that resonating sound coming from the roof - maybe the vinyl cladding, that all restorers get shot of first, served a purpose after all? A novel idea, though nothing a sheet of dynamat can't solve.

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